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Light advertising 4.0

A contribution to the expansion and digitalization of your area of business

3 MIN. READING TIME For advertisers 24. September 2020 Gregor Giataganas
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From the customer’s point of view, the advantages of digitalization of illuminated advertising are obvious:

  1. Reduction of loss of sales and avoidance of damage to image caused by advertising installations and architectural lighting that are not or only partially illuminated
  2. Process cost optimization through automated processes and M2M technology
  3. Binding and verifiable framework agreements with service providers
  4. Green economy: improving energy savings
  5. Building permissions: Improvement of the chances of realization

What does digitalization mean for the classic lighting advertiser?

  1. A digital business model with cloud connection means, in addition to regular income, intensification of customer relations and opens up the possibility of providing additional services that could not be offered in the past or could only be offered with great difficulty. And with the process cost minimization you have a competitive advantage and your customer has a cost advantage.
  2. Light-advertising-as-a-Service — You are familiar with this from many different areas: instead of buying, you lease, instead of financing with a loan, you rent. Whether it’s a car, a machine, a building or a new server — so-called aaS offers are almost standard today. With LichtWART, you can now develop your own aaS offer: e.g. 10-year contract for operating a system manufacture + installation + maintenance + repair = monthly amount excl. electricity. How does that work? Talk to us!
  3. In the past, the maintenance contract was almost always standard. Today it is rather the exception, especially as LED technology has significantly increased the reliability of the systems. However, this is to the disadvantage of the visual appearance of the systems due to heavy soiling and sometimes considerable weathering. Offer maintenance contracts linked to operating hours now and convince with predictive maintenance / replacement of the converters.
  4. Now you can offer service contracts with fixed response times through automated processes for particularly exposed plants / flagship stores / advertising towers / self-service stations with high loss of image or turnover in case of failure: The system reports the fault and you can immediately schedule the deployment.

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