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How illuminated advertising boosts your sales

The investment in an illuminated advertising system or advertising installations serves a purpose: create visibility. After all, only those who are visible will be found. This is especially true for companies whose turnover depends directly on customer contacts on a daily basis: Customers must be “captured” and guided directly to the entrance so that the till can ring.

2 MIN. READING TIME For Operators 12. January 2021 Gregor Giataganas
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More visibility means more sales

In a study from 2014, the surveyed companies stated that they expected a decline in sales of about 34.5% if they no longer had advertising at the POS. Dr. Charles R. Taylor of the US University of Villanova, Philadelphia, published the following conclusion in the report:

This study clearly shows that companies recognize the value of on-site advertising lighting. In addition, the results show that illuminated signs on site help them to effectively fulfill their marketing plans […] and that on average sign lighting is critical for their business performance. This influence is even more pronounced for smaller and younger companies. For many companies, an illuminated company sign can be a “make-or-break” factor that affects profitability.

A tip for advertisers: The low price per thousand

Depending on the calculation and local conditions, a price per thousand of 0.10 to €1.00 is a real bargain in the advertising market. And since this advertising has its effect very close to or even directly at the POS, every responsible person should invest well not only in the creation of the advertising installation. Rather, it is also important to take care of the once made investment in order not only to maintain the technical value: regular maintenance and cleaning and the quick service in case of a breakdown ensure that the attractiveness of the installation can unfold its effect day and night — and customers find their way to the POS or POI.

The LichtWART ensures value retention and protects your sales

So, you have already had an advertising system installed — or are planning to do so. Perfect, so you give your company a “face” that is visible from afar.

How do you ensure that your illuminated advertising boosts your sales day and night?

Most people find their way to work as if they were asleep — and do not notice if, for example, the illuminated advertising is no longer lit. And then months can pass until the failure is detected and rectified. How many thousands of advertising contacts did this “cost” this fast food restaurant between April and September?

Photos: Gregor Giataganas

With the LichtWART module, if the system fails, the restaurant operator and the service department of the signage company immediately receive an alarm message and the fault is rectified within a few days. And if primary/secondary operation was switched on, it would not even be visible at night that only half of the system was lit.

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