Cloud control of your lighting systems

  • Control lighting system at any time via cloud
  • Automatic alarms for rapid alarm correction
  • Dynamic lighting control to reduce immissions
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Industry Standard

The LichtWART module is the heart of your installation

The focus in the development of the LichtWART module was on robust and reliable industry-standard technology. The module was specially developed by Deutsche Telekom for use in electrical enclosures. Thanks to the integrated control electronics, the module works reliably around the clock, even without a data connection. And with the Deutsche Telekom SIM card, a connection to the cloud is regularly established to send measured values and receive new configurations.

Central cloud control

Remote monitoring and control of your installations on the web

View the current status of your systems directly in the browser: whether by desktop, tablet or smartphone. Sunday open for sales? No problem: use the programmable timers with calendar function. Or adjust the brightness of your lights to reduce emissions or improve visibility.

Process cost optimization

Automated notification of service technicians

A partial failure of your lighting system leads to a loss of brand image or even to loss of sales? Do you want to minimize the processing time and your costs for damage reports, administrative handling and status updates? The LichtWART automatically sends the alarm messages to recipients specified by you and logs the alarms and their rectification. There is no quicker and easier way to rectify a failure.

Increase your chances of obtaining building permission and save money

Automatically reduce light emissions and save money

The German Emission Control Act is leading to increasingly restrictive conditions imposed by the authorities on lighting installations. The LichtWART has an optional dynamic lighting control system for automatic adjustment of light intensity to ambient brightness. This, together with the very varied timer functions with calendar entries, increases your chances of obtaining building permission. And, in the event of subsequent tightening, you can easily control the brightness of the systems directly — conveniently via cloud. And thanks to the reduced light intensity, you not only effectively save electricity costs. The LEDs therefore "age" less quickly and last longer!

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Compatible with all end devices without installation

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Effortless operation

Control your systems at any time in your browser via desktop, tablet or smartphone via the cloud

Avoid loss of turnover

Reduce the downtime of your illuminated advertising — and thus the loss of sales and brand image

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Lighting technology 4.0

LichtWART represents the highest "state of the art" and makes your installations digital

That's what happy Customers & Partners say

"In a dark time, this technical solution helped to set a shining example of courage and hope. Controllable without contact via cloud, directly from the home office, the workplace or the garden lounger, our citizens can use their voice to make the LED candle shine."

Ralf Grund

city marketing Buende

LichtWART breaks new ground in the field of digital infrastructure. The service platform creates a product service offer that provides added value for the operators of illuminated advertising systems. Together with LichtWART, Fraunhofer IOSB-INA is further developing the technical infrastructure and embedding it in sustainable business models. The IoT architecture will be designed in a way that illuminated advertising systems from different manufacturers will be integrated into the newly emerging platform.

Eckard Bicker

Fraunhofer IOSB-INA

The LichtWART opens the way to the digitalization of our products. And this new technology gives our customers a view into their installations at any time and from any place. We expect that new business models will emerge and that predictive maintenance will enable considerable cost savings.

Tim Hansen

Hansen GmbH

With it's OWL technology transfer, we provide targeted support to SMEs — whether they are handicraft enterprises, media agencies or medium-sized suppliers — in quickly transforming the abstract potential of digital technologies into individual value creation. To date, around 250 successful projects prove that scientific expertise can be put into practice rapidly in the backbone of the German economy.

Klaus-Peter Jansen

it‘s OWL

Cloud packages

We offer the right cloud package for each expansion stage of the LichtWART module.

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  • 8 expansion stages for every system size more info
  • More than 16 DALI groups more info
  • Control of several systems more info
  • Dimming value adjustable per system more info
  • Operating hours counter per converter more info
  • Switching on or off? By cloud! more info
  • Alarm on component failure more info
  • Cloud access for any number of users — at no extra cost more info
  • Log of all relevant processes more info
  • Customizable display of the installations in the cloud more info
  • No software installation necessary more info
  • Including Deutsche Telekom SIM and data tariff more info
  • Can also be used in other European countries more info
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  • Starter Package plus... more info
  • Dynamic lighting control — adapted to ambient light more info
  • Twilight circuit more info
  • Automatic shutdown of a plant in case of failure of a part more info
  • Primary/secondary operation of several plants more info
  • Convenient time switching with calendar more info
  • Alarm on reaching a specified number of operating hours more info
  • Multiple e-mail recipients can be set per alarm more info
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  • Pro Package plus... more info
  • API for automated alarm transmission more info
  • Monthly reports more info
  • Custom Functions more info
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We still have a number of ideas about what our LichtWART should be able to do. On this, we work closely with our partners Deutsche Telekom and the Fraunhofer Institute. Are you missing a function?

Then write to us …

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Gregor Giataganas

Executive Director

  • 30 min live walkthrough
  • LichtWart founder
  • Presentation of practical examples
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Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom is one of the leading service companies in the telecommunications and IT market. In the business customer segment of Deutsche Telekom, the Group bundles all services for small and medium-sized companies as well as for freelancers and the selfemployed. The division serves around 2.7 million business customers in Germany. The business customer segment offers these customers an integrated portfolio of fixed-line, mobile and IT services for connected life and work.


Deutsche Telekom contributed its IoT expertise to the development of LichtWART and in just 18 months developed an industrial application that can be used in buildings and industrial plants as well as on greenfield sites away from an existing Internet connection. As a technology partner, we played a major role in the development and production of the LichtWart module. As a network operator, we take care of both the mobile phone connection and the connection of the solution to the Deutsche Telekom Cloud of Things — our cloudbased IoT platform, with which networked devices and machines are managed and controlled remotely. This ensures that all future developments in the IoT sector can also be adapted for the LichtWART.

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Since 1984, Hansen GmbH has been providing luminous results.
With a team of about 80 employees, they focus on quality “Made in Germany”.
As an expert in lighting technology, hansen has specialized in the development and production of lamps and the associated electronics. Hansen GmbH is the exclusive sales partner for LichtWART modules and spare parts in the DACH region.

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it’s OWL Cluster

In the technology network it’s OWL – Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe more than 200 companies, research institutions and organizations develop solutions for intelligent products and production processes. With the support of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, projects worth 100 million euros will be implemented between 2018 and 2023. The main topics are artificial intelligence, digital platforms, digital twin and Work 4.0. Awarded in the federal government’s Leading-Edge Cluster Competition, it’s OWL is considered one of the largest initiatives for Industry 4.0 in medium-sized companies. it’s OWL has established itself over the past seven years as a driving force for the competitiveness of manufacturing industry in OstWestfalenLippe.

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Fraunhofer IOSB-INA

Fraunhofer Society is the largest organization for applied research in Europe. The research fields are based on society and industry needs: health, safety, communication, mobility, energy and the environment. All in all, more than 25,000 people work in 72 locations across Germany.
Fraunhofer IOSB-INA is one of four locations of Fraunhofer Institute for Optronics, Systems Engineering and Image Exploitation. As a leading research institution in the field of industrial automation with more than 75 employees, Fraunhofer team in Lemgo conducts research and develops solutions in the fields of secure networking, analysis, optimization and user-friendly design of intelligent technical systems.


The Mission: Empowering our partners for the digital age!
In the midst of the excellence cluster region Ostwestfalen-Lippe (IT’S OWL) we support manufacturers of automation technology, mechanical and plant engineering as well as operators and users of automated technical systems in the digital transformation – through research and development cooperation as well as individual support and further education offers. SmartFactoryOWL and Lemgo Digital are two outstanding living labs led by Fraunhofer IOSB-INA, used to field test and apply the solutions for intelligent technical systems in the factory of the future and the digital city respectively

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Climate Extender

Climate Extender is our partner for products and services for climate protection. We benefit from their years of experience in the energy and CO₂ sector. Climate Extender certified our company as climate neutral in June 2020.

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What does the LichtWART have to do with the building permission?

The building authorities have to pay more attention to the compliance with the requirements of the Emission Control Act. They often prohibit the lighting of installations or impose very strict conditions. Make the use of the LichtWART known in the building application and thus increase the chances of obtaining planning permission

What more can the LichtWART do than control systems available so far?

The LichtWART has been developed from the ground up in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom to make lighting installations intelligent even away from ordinary electrical installations and without conventional Internet connections. And with the Deutsche Telekom cloud of things, you can control and monitor your installations from anywhere, e.g. with your smartphone, without intensive training or technical education.

What is dynamic lighting control?

You are familiar with simple lighting control: above a certain ambient brightness, lighting systems are switched off to save electricity. As soon as it gets dark, the systems are switched on. Our dynamic lighting control system dims the light intensity depending on the ambient light between freely selectable minimum and maximum values: this not only saves electricity! It improves the visibility of the systems at night and extends the lifetime of the LEDs.

When do I need the primary/secondary operation add-on?

Only if your brand image is also important to you at night! If a part of your lighting system fails, it is not visible during the day — but at night it may leave a bad impression if the company name or logo is not fully visible. With primary/secondary operation you can define important parts of the installation, e.g. the logo. If an element fails here, all associated elements are switched off. However, if only one subordinate element fails, e.g. a lighting contour, only the subordinate elements are switched off and the rest, in this case the logo, remains lit.

Do I have to install any software?

No, the LichtWART was developed on the Deutsche Telekom Cloud of Things in a way that you can start controlling and monitoring directly in a browser and use it conveniently. No downloads or installations are necessary. With your personal access data and an Internet browser (desktop, tablet or smartphone), you can access your systems from anywhere — at any time.

Do I need a server or special hardware?

Our solution consists of the LichtWART module, which is integrated into the electrical installation of your system by a specialist company, and a Deutsche Telekom cloud application that can be opened directly in a browser. You do not need your own server or special computers.

I already have a lighting system — can I retrofit the LichtWART?

LED lighting systems that have already been installed can also be equipped with a LichtWART. All that is required are DALI-compliant converters. If simple converters have been used, they can also be replaced. We are also working on hardware extensions to enable historical neon installations and conventional installations with fluorescent tube illumination to be retrofitted with the LichtWART.

Who can install the LichtWART?

Ask the manufacturer of your illuminated advertising systems! If he does not know the LichtWART yet, we will support him in designing the systems and carrying out the installation

What does the cloud offer me?

First of all, you can view the status of all your assets in the cloud. No matter whether you only operate illuminated advertising in your shop or have a widespread branch network: with the Deutsche Telekom Cloud of Things you can get an overview in no time at all and receive automated messages about all malfunctions and their rectification.

What can I control with the cloud?

You can adjust the brightness of the installations and also conveniently adjust them at any time. With the timer for all days of the week and the calendar function, you can control exactly when the lighting systems are in operation. Your lighting requirements have changed? Then configure your system in any lighting zones and adjust brightness and switching times.

How exactly are alarms sent automatically?

You can specify for each system who should be notified by e-mail. For example, in addition to the facility management of your company, the electrician and the service technician can also be notified. Any number of recipients can be stored.

Who has access to my facilities?

The employees of LichtWART GmbH have access to your systems as system administrators and for installation and support. In addition, the distributors and manufacturers of the systems are given access for the purpose of administration and billing. And you can register up to ten different users to monitor and control your systems at no extra cost.

What are the fees?

The LichtWART consists of a hardware module that is installed in the electrical installation of your system and the corresponding cloud connection in the Deutsche Telekom cloud of things. The LichtWART module is offered to you by the manufacturer of your lighting system including planning and installation. The cloud connection including the Deutsche Telekom SIM card, the Deutsche Telekom data connection via mobile phone and the cloud of things connection is charged separately — see price overview.

Are different modules / cloud packages available?

Depending on the size of the system, a different number of converters are required. The LichtWART module is available for up to 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 48 or 64 converters. Accordingly, we offer the cloud connection for these modules.

What add-ons are offered?

Even in its basic configuration, the LichtWART turns your installation into an intelligent digital system 4.0 — but you can exploit its full potential with dynamic lighting control and primary/secondary operation. These two add-ons can be purchased optionally. Or you can opt for the Pro version and save money.

How long does the contract run?

We believe that the LichtWART with its functions and ease of use offers so many advantages that we do not need long contract periods or periods of notice. You can either choose the monthly rate and cancel at any time at the end of the month. Or you can choose the annual tariff and save up to 40% on the monthly price, depending on the module. Here too, you can terminate the contract at any time at the end of the annual period.

What kind of support is available?

For each LichtWART module, the Cloud of Things is set up individually and created according to user accounts. Users can thus log in directly to the Deutsche Telekom Cloud of Things and also use our ticket system and online manuals in the help desk. This support is included in the cloud tariff. In addition, we offer a web support service with costs. This can be used both stationary via desktop and mobile via tablet or smartphone.

How do I reach the help desk?

The help desk can be reached at

How do I book an online demo?

An online demo can be booked at

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